Elizabeth A. Kershaw      

Over the years, I have experimented with many media.  However, the dominant forces
of my life are drawing painting.  My roots are in abstraction,  but  my soul has sought a
more traditional approach.  While I admire the energy and technique of the abstract   
expressionists, my heart is moved by artists like Rembrandt, Sargent, and O'Keefe.

The fresh vibrant quality of watercolor  captivates me.  Light seems to radiate through  
layers of transparent color, much the way light passes through the delicate petals of a flower.
Watching the colors move, develop,  and intensify on the paper's surface is an emotional
experience for me.

This is important because my paintings are about emotion.  They are my passionate  
response to the beauty that I see in nature.  The spirit figures that move within the pictorial
space are my way of conveying this feeling.

If we take a moment to listen to a bird sing, see wildflowers bloom, or feel the wind on  
our skin, we are transported.  Our bond with nature is absolute.  I want my paintings to
celebrate this connection.      
Available Originals