Elizabeth A. Kershaw              Watercolors
Swan  Lake
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      Swan Lake  just won "Best of Show"  at the 7th. Biennial NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION.  The painting is on display at the Visual Arts Center
    in Punta Gorda, Florida until March 12, 2010.   The exhibit included multi-media works in the two dimensional realm. The show was judged by
    Peter Trippi, editor of the bi-monthly magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur.  His remarks regarding the work were: "This work blends spectacular
 technique (it's very difficult to make watercolors this detailed without errors) and a complex, yet readily legible composition. One has to study the work
 in person (rather than in reproduction) to fully appreciate the ghostly figures floating to the right.  There's just the right mix of realism and fantasy here".